Presidency of The Republic of Türkiye, Directorate of National Palaces


Weddings, circumcision and so on in the outdoor (gardens) of the Kiosks and Pavilions Conditions for taking commemorative images before or after ceremonies

1.Outdoor Spaces Where Image Acquisition Can Be Performed;

a) Maslak Pavilions

b) Ihlamur Pavilions

c) Aynalikavak Pavilion

d) Yıldız Şale

d) Küçüksu Pavilion

e) Beykoz Mecidiye Pavilion

f) Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum

2. Outdoor Image Acquisition is carried out every day of the week, between 09.00 and 16.00.
3. Required documents (Receipt, Petition and Commitment) for Image Capture request are sent to the relevant unit via e-mail (hatirafotografi@millisaraylar.gov.tr).

4. .If the Image Acquisition cannot be realized on the specified date, the request may be postponed 1 time.

5. Full hourly rate will be charged for Image Acquisition less than 1 hour

6. If the Image Acquisition is carried out on the days when our museum is open to visitors, it is essential that museum visits are carried out without interruption.

7. Up to 4 different groups can make commemorative photo shoots at the same time and place.

8. Commemorative photo shootings are limited to 6 people including photographers, rest of the people must purchase a garden ticket.

9. 50% of the commemorative photo shooting price is taken as a deposit. If the withdrawal period is exceeded, the deposit is non-refundable.